Skelligs Chocolate Factory

I had been living in County Kerry for over a year before I stumbled across the brilliant Skelligs Chocolate Factory:

  • That’s how well hidden off the Ring of Kerry it is!
Skelligs Chocolate Factory Logo

Since then it has become one of my ‘must visit’ spots in County Kerry.

When friends and family come over to stay in our holiday cottage it is one of the first places I recommend they check out.

Of course kids LOVE this place.

But even adults will feel like big kids when they see and smell all that beautifully dark, rich, molten chocolate:

Willie Wonka eat your heart out!

So Where Is It?

Skelligs Chocolate Factory Sign

Well you don’t earn the right to be Europe’s most westerly chocolate factory without locating yourself off 'the beaten track.'

But the effort is well worth it as the views from the road leading to the factory are some of the most iconic you can find anywhere in south west Ireland:

  • Rough hilly pastures spotted with sheep stretch out to rocky headlands and sandy beaches.
  • All with great views of the ocean and the famous island of Skellig Michael.

Even if there wasn’t heaps of beautiful chocolate waiting for you at the other end I would still recommend every visitor to the Ring of Kerry take this short but wonderful detour.

Skelligs Chocolate Factory Map

DIRECTIONS - The loop road at the western tip of the Iveragh Peninsula, known as the Skellig Ring, connects the picture perfect fishing village of Portmagee to Ballinskelligs.

The Chocolate Factory can be found halfway between these two villages in a stunning spot called St Finian’s Bay.

Good Mood Food

Skelligs Chocolate Factory Chocolate Flavours

Time and again I am surprised by how the landscapes, the food and drink and the people of County Kerry can have such a positive effect on the human spirit.

The humour of the people and the beauty of the landscapes are commonly noted.

As is the soothing and healing properties of a beautiful glass of Guinness.

But the food in Kerry is also excellent.

In this case, of course, we are talking about chocolate…

And it is sensational!

So Which Flavours Did We Try?

The chocolates that they make in front of you in the Skelligs Chocolate Factory are luxury...

and there is a wide array of flavours - some wackier than others.

  • Irish Coffee or Hot Toddy with Chilli in winter,
  • Lemon Truffle and White Chocolate or Strawberries and Champagne for the summer.

We tried so many of the chocolates - It was great!

Skelligs Chocolate Factory, St. Finian's Bay

Eventually we came away with a couple of packets of vanilla ganaches covered in dark chocolate.

Although we fully intended to take one of the packets back to the cottage, temptation got the better of us.

We ate the second bag whilst walking the dog through the surf of St Finian’s Bay -

Its a lovely beach which many visitors to Kerry unfortunately never get to see.

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